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Cancer is responsible for one in every four deaths in our country. However, research shows that as many as 7 in 10 cancer deaths can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes.

There are four things everyone can do to reduce their risk of cancer.

  • Eat Well
  • Be Active
  • Don’t Smoke & Avoid Tobacco
  • Get Screened

Too many Americans are unaware that they have the power to reduce their risk of cancer by taking these small steps. This is why C-Change, a coalition of the country's key cancer leaders, has partnered with the Ad Council to develop a communications program to address Americans with consistent, evidence-based messages about reducing their risk of cancer.

Through extensive research, C-Change has developed a series of cancer prevention and early detection messages that have been proven to change the minds and hearts of the public. By providing a range of organizations with a focused list of proven messages for dissemination, C-Change believes that this effort can achieve the critical media mass necessary to turn the tide on cancer in this country.

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