Women's Heart Disease

Women's Heart Disease

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    Women's Heart Disease -- AHA & LEGO Go Red For Women: 30 (ENG)

    One out of every three deaths among women in the U.S. each year is attributed to heart disease, making it the number one killer of women in this country and causing more fatalities than all forms of cancer combined. This new PSA created by Warner Brothers, featuring characters from The Lego Movie, in partnership with the Ad Council and American Heart Association's Go Red For Women, raises awareness of heart disease and empower women with the necessary tools to lead heart healthy lives.Specific Tags Associated with Video: Go Red For Women, Women's Heart Disease, The Lego Movie, Wyldstyle, Ad Council, American Heart Association

#1 killer of women in U.S. is heart disease

"Go Red for Women"

 Heart disease and stroke are the number one killer of women and kill one in three women. Today, 9 in 10 women have at least one risk factor for developing heart disease. The good news is that women can greatly reduce their risk for developing heart disease by making lifestyle changes, and the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women provides women with the tools and the community to reduce their risk for heart disease. This campaign aims to raise awareness of heart disease risk among women. Women are encouraged to become a member of Go Red For Women, and learn about heart disease and how to reduce their risk by visiting GoRedForWomen.org.

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