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More than 35.7 million adults ages 18-64 do not have a high school diploma. Data shows that students who drop out of high school tend to earn less, perform less well in society, and have a lower quality of life.

Many of these adults lacking a high school diploma must work multiple jobs just to support their family. Without a GED® Diploma, they get the lowest paid and the least stable jobs, and while they know they need to get their GED® Diploma, what they really need are simple directions on how to get started.

This campaign shows viewers that they can get the encouragement they may need to get their GED® diplomas at or by calling 1-877-38-YOURGED. There they can find local GED® programs, information on the GED® process, and real, inspirational stories. In addition, the campaign features entertaining"Pep Talks" from celebrities offering different levels of motivation to the viewers, reiterating that they can get whatever push they may need to take the first steps towards their GED®.

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