Hispanic College Preparation


Hispanics who have gone to college rank their parents as being most influential in their decision to continue their schooling. However, recent studies have shown that more than 65% of Hispanic parents do not have the knowledge to guide their children as they seek to apply and enroll in college.*

The "Your Words Today" campaign is an effort to raise awareness among Hispanic parents about the critically important role they play in encouraging their children to go to college. 

Parents are reminded that, “De tus palabras de hoy depende su mañana” (“Their tomorrow depends on your words today”), and are directed to visit the website www.YourWordsToday.org or to call 1-877-HSF-8711 for resources on getting involved in their children’s college education. The website and toll-free number offer inspiration and tools to better understand that college and financial aid process. 

*Tornatzky, L.G., Cutler, R. and Lee, J. (2002). College Knowledge: What Latino parents need to know and why they don’t know it. The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute.

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