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In its forty years of the Ad Council Supporting Minority Education campaign, UNCF has raised more than $3.5 billion and helped more than 300,000 students earn undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, despite these successes, a persistent gap in education remains between African Americans and other students. New research shows that African American students who receive UNCF scholarships are twice as likely to graduate college within 6 years, compared to those who did not.

In order to inspire current and potential donors to support UNCF's mission by investing in students' educations and futures, UNCF and the Ad Council are launching a powerful new campaign called Better Futures, featuring real students, and an evolution of their iconic tagline to A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste, But a Wonderful Thing to Invest In.

The new Better Futures campaign encourages potential donors and community-minded individuals, including college-educated African Americans, to support UNCF's mission by donating money to UNCF in an effort to get more African American kids to and through college. Better Futures is a stock for social change - a stock with a better return than money. By investing in UNCF and Better Futures, donors are helping students who lack the resources, get the education they deserve. Supporting UNCF's Better Futures is a new kind of investment with a better kind of return.

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