Foreclosure Rescue Scam Prevention


An estimated 4 million homes are at imminent risk of foreclosure this year. The problem is no longer confined to certain populations or neighborhoods, but will affect all of us – either directly or indirectly – regardless of community, ethnicity, and income level. 

In the past, many homeowners in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure would avoid the problem so as not have to deal with the embarrassment or stigma associated with it. However, with the economic downturn, embarrassment is no longer the biggest barrier that homeowners face – rather, it is clear direction on what they should do. The marketplace is cluttered with conflicting messages about what to do and where to go for help, causing  homeowners to become frustrated, confused and vulnerable.

In response, this campaign is designed to ensure that those facing foreclosure are getting proper guidance from the “right people.”  The PSAs encourage homeowners to call 888-995-HOPE, a trusted hotline operated by the Homeownership Preservation Foundation, to receive free, reliable advice from HUD-approved housing counselors. 

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