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Jun Group Creates SightSoundEmotion to Generate Awareness for Social Causes

New distribution model to drive millions of video views for important causes
Jun Group Creates SightSoundEmotion to Generate Awareness for Social Causes


NEW YORK –April 28,2014 – Jun Group (, today announced SightSoundEmotion (SSE) (, a Web and mobile site designed to raise awareness for important causes such as Autism Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Emergency Preparedness,and Recycling.

SSE will provide free video exposure for the AdCouncil’s 50 causes, while giving brands a safe, premium environment in whichto run pre-roll video ads. The site creates a common platform that can beleveraged by causes and charities to expand their audience reach.

“We challenged our team to create a sustainabl emodel that would promote social causes and deliver tangible value for our clients,” said Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group. “That concept became a first-of-its kind concept called SightSoundEmotion. It’s a project that everyone can feel good about – including the people who click and watch.”

Jun Group’s Overdrive technology wil lpromote SSE across the company’s premium publisher partners on tablets, mobile devices, and the Web. Audiences will be able to watch videos from causes of interest to them, and brands have the opportunity to align their messages with the videos through pre-roll advertising. Videos are accompanied by information about the causes, and links to learn more or donate. At launch, the site is expected to drive 4-5 million monthly videos views, and will scale upward over time.

“The new SightSoundEmotion platform will provide significant exposure for our causes across issue areas including health,safety, education and community involvement,” said Peggy Conlon, president andCEO of the Ad Council. “Having the ability to include information and links toresources, along with the video content, will help drive visitors to take action. We are grateful to be involved in such an innovative project.”

To learn more about the Ad Council’s current work visit:

To see SightSoundEmotion, visit:

About Jun Group

“Jun” means truth, and the companywas founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Jun Group getsmillions of people to see branded content through two products:traffic and video. Jun Group’s video units drive millions of views for videosup to three-minutes long. The company’s traffic units deliver uniqueusers — at scale — to any page on mobile, tablets ordesktops.

Everything Jun Group does is backed by the JunGroup Promise: Placements are always 100% visible, 100% opt-in, and 100% brand-safeor the entire price of the campaign is refunded.

Founded in 2005, Jun Group is privately held,with offices in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco. Clients includeFortune 500 brands, media agencies, and major entertainment companies. Pleasevisit for more information.


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