Curing the Hack-a-hangover

Hackathon attendees work on computers at communal tables

This webinar was held on February 27, 2017. Watch the recording on YouTube.

Hackathons, idea jams, demo days, and prize challenges are great ways for organizations to generate ideas and solutions. No longer a tech-industry tradition, we’re seeing non-profits, Federal agencies and corporations use these tools to promote innovation and problem solve.
But what happens when the coffee runs dry and the innovators leave the party? A hack-a-hangover describes the energy slump that happens when innovation gets real…and it comes time to implement some of those great ideas. 
We’re hosting a webinar to help cure your hack-a-hangover. Looking specifically at prize challenges, join us for a lively discussion moderated by Mike Contreras (Director of SenesisChallenge) with Christofer Nelson (former White House Office of Science and Technology’s Assistant Director for Open Innovation), Anil Rathi (Skild Founder), and Dave Witzel (The Regenerative Agriculture Sector Accelerator’s Chief of Conspiration) on how you can generate ideas and deliver outcomes using this particular crowdsourcing tool.  
During this one-hour webinar, we’ll cover:  
- What a prize challenge is and the many ways you can implement one;
- Examples of how non-profits, corporations, and government agencies have used prize challenges
- Best practices to run your own challenge 

To register and for questions, please email Colleen at [email protected].


Image by Sebastiaan ter Burg from Utrecht, The Netherlands (Wikimedia Hackathon 2013, Amsterdam) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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