How to Use Data to Capture Hearts, Minds & Wallets

How to Use Data to Capture Hearts, Minds & Wallets

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 11 - 12 PM (EST) 

When done well, facts and numbers can both inspire and explain. When not done well, they can bore and confuse. Whether it’s a sleep-inducing presentation or a fact-filled email that numbs rather than motivates, we feel your pain.

That’s why data visualization can be one of your best story-telling tools. Whether it’s a presentation, annual report or whatever you have on your plate, displaying your data visually can help you and your organization shine.

Join us for a session with data whiz Stephanie Evergreen, who will give you a primer on how to make your data sing, using simple tools like Powerpoint and Excel. The Ad Council’s Rachelle Reeder will also present“ before and after” examples (yes, we’re getting better at this too) and simple ways you can use your data to tell your story.  

About Stephanie: Speaker, designer, and researcher Stephanie Evergreen uses her research-based approach to visualization and design to help awesome people be even better at what they do. She’s brought her PhD in research and heavy-hitting design to help dozens of nonprofits communicate key messages from their data, engage audiences in precise discussions, and streamline decision-making. 


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