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AOL Impact is a daily introduction of causes close to the heart of the AOL community. As AOL describes, “it is a way to connect people with charities, make it easy to get involved, and share the missions of organizations simply doing amazing things”. Everyday AOL features a different organization with a human interest message that links to further information about the campaign, ways to get involved, and highlights other causes with similar goals.

The Ad Council has a great, long-standing relationship with AOL. Our campaigns are usually featured about 5 times per month within their Cause of the Day module, which reaches an average of 14 million people per day. We rotate the campaigns every month, trying to give equal support to all of our issue areas. Since the placement is so well received, AOL approached us with an amazing opportunity to feature an Ad Council campaign everyday in June 2012 to increase our work’s awareness and impact. These 10 campaigns will be spotlighted on a rotating schedule with various messaging to increase viewer frequency and engagement:

Human interest text and images will be used especially for this opportunity to engage and intrigue users on a more personal level. This opportunity resulted in a donated media value of $1.2 million with a total yearly value from AOL of $8 million. Through this partnership with AOL we are able to reach a mass audience, highlight multiple campaigns, and even bring awareness to the Ad Council as a whole.

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