Oprah.com and Lupus Awareness

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Lupus is a chronic auto-immune disease that for unknown reasons causes the immune system to mistakenly attack the body’s own healthy cells and tissueas though they were foreign invaders (such as bacteria or viruses).  Lupus is one of the least recognized diseasesand one of the most difficult to diagnose. People with lupus can have a widerange of symptoms, including: fatigue, hair loss, painful or swollen joints,fever, skin rashes and kidney problems.

PSAs were designed for our Lupus Awareness campaign to raise public awareness and understanding about this chronic disease among women most likely to be impacted. To encourage women, primarily those in the African American and Hispanic community (18-40) to visit www.couldIhavelupus.gov to engage with a community of their peers and learn what resourcesare available to them if needed.

Through a content partnership with Oprah.com we were able to expose our issue to a relevant audience. We engaged users on a site that they frequently visited and considered a trusted source of information.  The partnership included a branded content area, sharing tools, newsletter promo,quizzes and more. Oprah.com built e-cards that allowed users to share the issue virally.  Co-branded banners were developed to drive toboth the campaign site for more information as well as the micro-site within Oprah.com through donated media.

The Oprah.com/Lupus microsite was one of the top three microsites within Oprah.com. We were able to provide the users of Oprah.com with valueable content through thiscontent partnership. Time spentthroughout the site shows a high level of engagement with Lupus content,particularly with the Assessment feature. E-cards which were successful in generating a viral effect (recipientsof the cards were driven to the microsite to view their card). Overall, the microsite performance was well above average- the Lupus campaign truly resonated with Oprah’s audience.  

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