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Meet Our Latest Champion for Good, Jinnie Spiegler of The ADL

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We're pleased to introduce our newest Champion for Good Jinnie Spiegler! Jinnie has done some amazing work with the Ad Council including developing a family and caregivers curriculum, educators curriculum and college campus curriculum for the Love Has No Labels website, concepting and providing feedback on our Love Has No Labels League of Extraordinary Humans game, and for her consistent thoughtful feedback on casting, wardrobe, and any other campaign materials we throw her way.

Ad Council: Smokey Bear or McGruff?
Jinnie Spiegler: Smokey Bear

AC: What’s on your desktop home screen?
JS: A photograph of one of the most beautiful pools on the planet, in the Maldives. Unfortunately I’ve never swum in it but I have plans to someday…

AC: Android or iPhone?
JS: iPhone

AC: Favorite social platform?
JS: Twitter. The best tweets are like poems and I love poetry.

AC: Favorite social good ad campaign?
JS: I really like the Honey Maid response to the backlash received after they released their commercial, ‘This is wholesome’ that celebrated all families, showing an interracial family and a family with two Dads. Honey Maid received a lot of hatespeech on Facebook and Twitter, labeling the ad “disgusting” and calling for a company boycott. Honey Maid created a new clip, showing two artists taking printouts of the angry Tweets and Facebook comments and rolling them into tubes, which they then stand upright and use to form the word “Love.”

AC: In a nutshell, what’s your job/what do you do?
JS: I’m the Director of Curriculum at the Anti-Defamation League. That means I write online and print curriculum and other education resources on bias, bullying, social justice and culturally responsive pedagogy. I also represent ADL at conferences, webinars, write articles, etc.

AC: How do you think advertising can be a force for good?
JS: Advertising is ultimately about making sure a product or idea is in the hands of people who want or need it—therefore it can definitely be a force for good because there is a lot of important pro-social, pro-justice information out there that the public needs. Advertising provides a way to get it to them.

AC: What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever been given?
JS: “Choose your battles.” This advice is helpful when determining the issues and projects to take on as well as dealing with workplace “stuff.”

AC: Who’s been your greatest influence?
JS: My greatest influence is the teachers and other educators with whom I work. When I hear from them about their students, needs, struggles, their fears and their challenges—it motivates me to do better.

AC: What have you gotten out of working with the Ad Council?
JS: I absolutely love working with the Ad Council; they are such wonderful partners! They bring together beautiful imagery, compelling music and powerful messaging and from that, they create magic!. I know that their work absolutely makes a difference in the lives of others. Working with them has meant so much to me and I find inspiration in it every single day.


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