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Champions For Good: David Silver

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David Silver at Refuel is a huge advocate of the Ad Council. Refuel places our PSAs at high schools and colleges across the country, specifically those that are targeted for our teen and college-age campaigns. David always goes the extra mile to ensure our campaigns receive support and make an impact.

Ad Council: Smokey Bear or McGruff?
David Silver: Smokey Bear

AC: What’s on your desktop home screen?
DS: John Belushi from Animal House wearing a college sweatshirt

John Belushi

AC: Android or iPhone?
DS: iPhone

AC: Favorite social platform?
DS: TeamSnap

AC: Favorite social good ad campaign?
DS: Underage Drinking and Driving, “The Ultimate Party Foul”

AC: In a nutshell, what’s your job/what do you do?
DS: I'm the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Refuel Agency. I manage a specialized media and marketing agency targeting youth, college and military audiences, bringing brands to life with those demographics.

AC: How do you think advertising can be a force for good?
DS: Content is king. The more valuable messages of good are out there the better. How can you go wrong?

AC: What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever been given?
DS: Treat everyone as if they are the client

AC: Who’s been your greatest influence?
DS: My wife (wicked smart), my two children (wicked fun) and my staff (wicked crafty)

AC: What have you gotten out of working with the Ad Council?
DS: This is an easy question, The Ad Council reminds me that advertising can be bigger than just commerce and that there can be true meaning.  The Ad Council is front and center in bringing that value to the consciousness of the advertising community.



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