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Champions for Good: Damian Bazadona

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Damian Bazadona

In 2001, Damian founded Situation Interactive with a laptop, a desk and a mission to connect people to the world’s most valuable experiences. Today, Damian’s driving vision runs through every facet of the business. His passion for Situation and his clients is contagious and reaches across the board to all departments and all levels of employees. When you walk by his office on Friday at 5pm, you’ll probably see him spinning at his DJ turntables, thinking that no one’s watching. (We’re all watching, Damian.)

Prior to forming Situation Interactive, Damian was partner and chief marketing officer of Cyber-NY Interactive where he was responsible for new business development and strategic initiatives for the firm. His work was instrumental in leading the firm to a 600 percent increase in sales, acquisition of Fortune 1000 clients, and inclusion in Ernst & Young and MIT’s Internet 500. He is an active contributor and source for leading Internet and business publications including The New York Times, Variety, AdWeek, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and many more. In addition, he has served as a speaker and source for university research studies relating to online marketing for Yale University, New York University, Brooklyn College and Fordham University’s graduate level programs. Damian holds a B.S., Business Administration from University at Albany.

Ad Council: Smokey Bear or McGruff?
Damian Bazadona: Smokey the Bear

AC: What’s on your desktop home screen?
DB: My kids

AC: Android or iPhone?
DB: iPhone

AC: Favorite social platform?
DB: Instagram

AC: Favorite social good ad campaign?
DB: Situation Project (a nonprofit very close to my heart) recently launched #theatremakesme, a campaign that shines a spotlight on the power of live theatre in our lives. It’s a topic that I’m personally passionate about and something that I’d love to see celebrated from a wider platform.

AC: In a nutshell, what’s your job/what do you do?
DB: I am the Founder and President of Situation. We’re a digital-first marketing agency that promotes amazing experiences. I’m surrounded by an awesome team of folks, so my job is primarily to make sure that they have the tools and resources they need to deliver amazing results for our clients.

AC: How do you think advertising can be a force for good?
DB: I think the work that’s done through the Ad Council is a perfect representation of how advertising can be a force for good. You’re leveraging platforms and channels to promote causes and organizations that are making our world a better place. It’s something that feels especially relevant (and urgent) now.

AC: What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever been given?
DB: Live below your means. It’s a simple idea that has significant implications across your personal and professional arenas.

AC: Who’s been your greatest influence?
DB: My family

AC: What have you gotten out of working with the Ad Council?
DB: My team that’s involved in the day-to-day consistently talks about the work they do with the Ad Council as some of the most satisfying work they do. Working in collaboration with the pros over at the Ad Council and working directly with the brands gives them a sense of immediacy, ownership, and collaboration that’s very rewarding. As someone who is not as involved in the day-to-day, I’m particularly inspired by the level of curation that seems to exist in the brands that the Ad Council works with and the larger causes that they promote at the organizational level.



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