Our Commitments

to Anti-Racism and Racial Equity

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The Ad Council’s mission has always been not just to respond to culture, but to drive it—to find insights that can change minds, spark new behaviors and move the country forward. At times we have succeeded at this, and at times we have fallen short, but the singular value that unifies each of us at the Ad Council is the persistent desire to continuously improve ourselves and our society. Our commitment to racial equity is no different.


Our Commitments

Increase BIPOC Representation

Improve Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) representation at all levels of the Ad Council, especially within senior positions

Conduct External Audit

Conduct an external audit of current policies, processes and culture and provide recommendations. To ensure greater equity and accountability going forward, the audit will include but is not limited to:

Actively Foster Inclusion

Create an environment where all people and perspectives are included, supported and valued

Ensure Equitable Hiring

Review and refresh recruitment and hiring practices to ensure inclusivity, avoid bias and better recruit BIPOC talent

Establish Accountability Measures

Institute accountability and transparency standards for the organization that are actionable and measurable

Diversify Partners & Advisors

Diversify our advisors and increase BIPOC representation across external partners and the entire Ad Council ecosystem

Diversify Our Creative Process

Produce content that supports our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts and breaks stereotypes

Amplify BIPOC Organizations & Initiatives

Leverage our platform to take a proactive approach in supporting external organizations dedicated to dismantling systemic racism

Reimagine Love Has No Labels

Review and refine the Ad Council’s Diversity & Inclusion campaign (“Love Has No Labels”) to ensure an updated, proactive approach to eroding bias that includes a particular lens of racism

Launch & Sustain Racial Justice Work

Launch a long-term Ad Council-led campaign effort that will drive measurable change in public attitudes and behaviors around racial injustice

If we are asking the country to be anti-racist, then we must be as well. We have a lot of work to do on this front. We know that fully correcting our past mistakes and building new processes for the future will take time—but that doesn’t take away from the urgency of our action. We know that the only way to end the cycle of systemic inequity and create a more just world for BIPOC individuals within our company, our industry and our country, is to act every single day.

Our strategy will definitely evolve, but our mission won’t.

Our commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization is unwavering. Because if the fight isn’t over for some of us, it’s not over for any of us.

Please note we will continue to update this page with reports on our progress.

Our People
One initiative from the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council includes our employee resource groups. Focusing on mental and physical health, people of color, LGBTQ+ and working parents, these groups help us value, celebrate, and support the unique characteristics that make each person at the Ad Council who they are. These groups include:
Talking About Race at Work—When the Work Is About Race
By Lonny Pugh
In the summer of 2020, a large number of brands and corporations rushed to show the world that they were part of the country’s reckoning over systemic racism. Some took legitimate, positive steps and shared their efforts in honest, meaningful ways; others put out vague platitudes and were quickly called out for their lack of real measurable action.
January 25, 2021