Case Studies

The goal of all Ad Council campaigns is to make a measurable difference in our society. Here are some examples of campaigns that have made an impact throughout the years.

Adoption from Foster Care (2013)

Since the 2004 campaign launch, there have been over 20 million visits to the AdoptUSKids website, over 218,000 inquiries, and more than 20,700 children have been adopted from foster care.

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Autism Awareness (2011)

Parents who have seen or heard the “Odds” Autism Awareness campaign are 160 percent more likely to be aware of the high prevalence of autism compared to those who have not seen or heard the campaign. These parents are also 55 percent more likely to think about autism as it relates to their own children, and 93 percent more likely to recognize at least one key sign of autism.

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Buzzed Driving Prevention (2011)

In conjunction with law enforcement, as well as other national and local public service messages, the “Buzzed Driving” campaign has done a remarkable job in the arena of drunk driving prevention. The “Friends Don’t Let Friends DriveDrunk” message to interveners has been thoroughly ingrained in American culture. The newer “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” message continues to reach Americans by tackling the problem head-on and placing the responsibility to not drive impaired on buzzed drivers.

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Children's Oral Health (2013)

Launched in 2012, the Children’s Oral Health campaign saw high recognition of its advertising, strong engagement online and significant shifts in key behaviors among low-income parents after only a year of being in market. The key message in the PSA campaign—that children should be brushing two minutes, twice a day—was reaching parents, and more children were taking the recommended actions to reduce oral health pain now and in the future.

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College Access (2011)

In 2007, the Ad Council launched a national public service advertising campaign that urged low-income students in middle and high school to learn the necessary steps to prepare for college. After the campaign’s launch, students talking about college increased by 6 percent, and the number of students taking steps to prepare for college increased by 8 percent.

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Foreclosure Prevention Assistance (2013)

The Foreclosure Prevention Assistance campaign has motivated struggling home owners across the country to receive free mortgage assistance through the Making Home Affordable® program.

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Gay and Lesbian Bullying Prevention (2012)

The Think Before You Speak campaign has proven to be an important communications effort to reduce negative attitudes and behaviors towards LGBT teens. When the campaign launched in 2008, it was the only nationwide communications campaign to focus specifically on the use of casual yet harmful anti-LGBT language.

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GED Achievement (2012)

The first two years of the campaign saw encouraging trends in fulfillment results, attitudes and behaviors related to obtaining a GED®. Through thoughtful strategic research, creative development, strong media outreach and support, and earned media impressions, the GED® Achievement campaign has helped provide a solution to a daunting problem. The campaign offers hope, support, and resources to make earning a GED® possible for millions of Americans.

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Wildfire Prevention (2014)

Consistently ranked as one of the Ad Council’s top performers in donated media, and almost universally recognized by American adults, the Wildfire Prevention campaign featuring Smokey Bear has helped to reduce areas burned by wildfires from 22 million acres in 1944 to an average of 6.7 million annually today.

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