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Brands, nonprofits and government agencies come to the Ad Council for our knowledge, expertise and assistance in communicating the right message by the right messengers through the right channels to ignite public action in this ever-changing climate. The core tenet of our work is and has always been research, as it’s vital to first understand the public’s knowledge and attitudes in order to move them to act.

With the launch of Ad Council Research Institute (ACRI), we are leveraging our insight-driven approach to examine some of the most important social issues of our time.

Signature Public Study

Extreme Risk Protection Order Study Header

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) Study

What do Americans and law enforcement in the 21 states and D.C. with ERPOs know, think and feel about these laws and how they can be used to prevent gun-related tragedies?
April 25, 2023

Our Focus

Building upon years of research expertise, ACRI works with brand, corporate and nonprofit partners and clients in four ways:


We conduct research to gain a deeper understanding of the public’s perceptions, attitudes and willingness
to act on key social issues.


We develop and test messaging and narratives for social good campaigns and corporate philanthropic initiatives.


We help build new knowledge on the role influencers or trusted messengers (such as online ambassadors, athletes, artists, celebrities, faith and community leaders and content creators) can play to move the public to act.


We identify key performance indicators for communications initiatives, and the tools through which to measure, assess and optimize them over time.

Past Public Research

Substance Use Disorders Study

Who is most impacted by or at risk for substance use disorders, and what would motivate them to explore resources and recovery?
May 30, 2023

(Dis)Trust in Elections Study

Amid high distrust in the U.S. elections process, how can we—organizations, government entities, election boards and officials—have a better understanding of how to build it back up?
May 10, 2023

Issue Pulse

A quarterly pulse check on Americans' top issues.
June 17, 2022

2022 Trusted Messengers Study

The 2022 Trusted Messengers Study looks at current topics and issues to identify who Americans turn to for real, unbiased information. Learn more and download the report.
November 16, 2022



Together we can do so much. Let’s talk about how we can partner to help change the world.

ACRI Research Leadership