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5 Ways To Find Inspirational News And Mobilize People During the Pandemic
By Lisa Sherman
This story, 5 Ways Marketers Can Mobilize and Find Inspiration During the Pandemic, was originally published by Adweek.
April 6, 2020
By Allison Greenwald
There’s never been a more important time to encourage people to talk about their health. COVID-19 cases remain unchecked, a mental health crisis is unfolding, opioid-related deaths are on the rise, the health challenges Americans struggled with before the pandemic have been exacerbated, and as a result of the systemic racism that pervades our healthcare system, all of these issues affect people of color disproportionately.
September 28, 2020
By Rebecca Mir
Alex Levin is a founding partner and Director of Strategy at L+R, an international digital design studio and brand strategy consulting firm based in Brooklyn. He has served on the Ad Council’s UX Committee since 2017, during which time he has guided discussions to fine-tune the websites of several of our campaigns, including Alzheimer’s Awareness, Love Has No Labels, Youth Vaping Prevention and Seize the Awkward.
September 16, 2020
By Naomi Woolfenden
In the months following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, and amid continued police brutality and violence inflicted upon Black lives across the U.S.—most recently in Wisconsin—social media has become a virtual classroom for those looking to reflect on their own racist tendencies.
August 27, 2020
By Naomi Woolfenden
Kyle Wong is the CEO of the award-winning UGC and influencer marketing platform Pixlee, which has played an important role in our Love Has No Labels and She Can Stem campaigns by providing the technology that powers community submissions. Recently, Pixlee partnered on our #AloneTogether campaign, helping people stay connected while staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Kyle is also a member of the Ad Council’s Leadership Council.
August 13, 2020
By Leah Fagen
According to a study by The Center for Generational Kinetics and commissioned by WP Engine, 72% of Gen Z is more likely to support a company that contributes to social causes. Gen Zs are acutely aware that in today’s digital world, anyone can use their voice to ignite change, and that includes brands—who aren’t just expected to take a socially responsible stand, they’re expected to mean it.
August 11, 2020
By Ad Council
The Ad Council’s mission has always been not just to respond to culture, but to drive it—to find insights that can change minds, spark new behaviors and move the country forward.
August 10, 2020
News & Press Releases
New Public Service Advertisements (PSAs) Highlight the Importance of Fathers Being There for Their Kids
September 23, 2020
Mass marketing campaign addresses voter registration crisis due to COVID-19 and encourages civic engagement
September 17, 2020
With an unprecedented surge in gun sales and increased mental health challenges amid COVID-19, Brady and the Ad Council release new "End Family Fire" PSAs to highlight risks of suicide with unsecured firearms in the home
September 16, 2020
New research from and Seize the Awkward reveals that amid coronavirus nearly half of college (46%) and high school (47%) students feel anxious about returning to school or campus, and only a quarter feel optimistic about doing so.
September 10, 2020


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