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A Deep Dive Into Our New Mental Health Initiative

By Ana Rico Granados
According to a recent Ad Council study, 49% of Americans 16 to 65 years old say they have a mental health condition, and of that group, only 48% are getting help or treatment.

In response, The Ad Council has launched a $65 mil mental health initiative in partnership with Huntsman Mental Health Institute.
November 18, 2022

Where We’ll Be at Cannes Lions 2023

By Sophie Murray
From transforming hiring to mental health, we are proud to be taking part in conversations about some of the most important topics at Cannes Lions this year. Read below to learn more on where you’ll find us. We hope to see you there!

How to Center Accessibility and Inclusion in UX/UI Design

By Cat Boyce
According to the CDC, 26% people in the United States are currently living with a disability. And as of 2021, 95% of Americans utilize the internet. What this data tells us is that if your organization is hosting content online, your audience includes those living with disabilities. In 2023, creating content that is accessible is a necessity—but creating accessible content benefits everyone, not just those living with disabilities.
May 18, 2023

How Americans Want Brands to Approach Social Justice in 2023

By Laura Connell
As the emotional labor of the last three years has taken a toll, interest in equality, social issues, and volunteering are in decline. According to GWI data, fatigue is replacing fighting spirit. How can brands continue to build momentum for critical DEI initiatives in 2023?
May 5, 2023

Shades of Green: What Marketers Need to Know About Modern Greenwashing

By Aleta Edwards
I remember when I heard the term “green” for the first time. As a consumer, I felt empowered. I was motivated to support companies that prioritized people and planet – not just profit. As a marketer, I saw this as a breakthrough opportunity to reach new consumers and shift behaviors toward more sustainable options.
April 28, 2023

Community Leaders Share Tips to Meet the Moment

By Nina Trach
Each year, at our Annual Public Service Award Dinner, the Ad Council celebrates the leaders and organizations that make our social impact campaigns possible. The Annual Dinner is an opportunity to showcase not only the campaigns moving the needle on today’s most pressing issues, but the dedicated community heroes who bring those efforts to life daily.
April 10, 2023

Five Trending Topics We Saw at SXSW 2023

By Christiana Freitag
Last week, I flew to Austin, Texas to attend South by Southwest, which brings together innovators in media, tech and entertainment. I was excited to see my Ad Council colleagues speak about the power of partnerships for our Seize the Awkward campaign at the SHE Media Future of Health Co-Lab and host a panel on the power of championing skills-based hiring to revolutionize and diversify the workforce. And with over 25 tracks of programming, SXSW 2023 was a fascinating place to get insights on everything from GPT-4 to ethical AI and accessibility in tech. Here are the top five topics that fascinated me at this year’s festival.
March 23, 2023

Prioritizing Mental Health Conversations in the Workplace

By Sarah Cummings
According to a recent Ad Council study, 95% of employees take time off due to mental health issues but cite another reason.
March 17, 2023

Hue Founder Fahad Khawaja on Building a Better Future for BIPOC Employees

By Lonny Pugh
In 2021, Hue, a tech-enabled community platform and culture consultancy, released their inaugural report, Unsafe, Unheard, Unvalued: A State of Inequity, which included powerful statistics that showcased the inequities experienced by employees of color across several dimensions of the workplace. After the release of their second annual report in 2022, Hue founder Fahad Khawaja summed up the findings in a guest post for our blog: “How to Future-proof Our Companies and Communities as the Great Resignation Continues.”
March 7, 2023

News & Press Releases

Ad Council Launches Inaugural Career Accelerator Program in Partnership with HBCUs

The “Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program” prepares and empowers historically excluded groups for careers in advertising and marketing.
October 14, 2022

Ad Council, AMA, and CDC Urge Flu Vaccinations with “Get My Flu Shot” Campaign

PSAs highlight how getting an annual flu shot is the best way to reduce your risk from flu and its potentially serious complications, protect your loved ones, and enjoy the holiday season
October 12, 2022

Empowered by their role as “America’s Future,” 59% of young voters plan to vote in the midterm elections to protect their rights – while 21% are unsure whether or not they will vote

The new national study from Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios and the Ad Council Research Institute provides organizations with tools to motivate voter turnout Abortion rights is the top issue among young people, followed by women’s rights, healthcare and the economy
October 4, 2022

Coalition of Nearly 50 Organizations Launches ‘Tear the Paper Ceiling’ Campaign to Raise Awareness Around the 70+ Million Workers in the U.S. Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs)

Nonprofits the Ad Council and Opportunity@Work lead landmark partnership of employers, talent developers and nonprofits on behalf of the majority of U.S. workers without a bachelor’s degree
October 3, 2022


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