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Measuring Impact

All Ad Council initiatives are insight-driven, taking an audience-first approach in all phases of campaign design, implementation and optimization. With each campaign, we establish measurable objectives, immerse ourselves in the issue and audience mindset and media ecosystem to design strategic creative and digital solutions to empower our audiences to make a change to help themselves, their families, or their communities.

Evaluation is a critical component of every Ad Council campaign. We conduct research to assess a campaign’s effectiveness through a dashboard of indicators around exposure, awareness, engagement, and impact, employing test-and-learn practices throughout.

How a campaign comes to life

Our purpose is to make a measurable difference in people’s lives. All Ad Council campaigns take an audience-first approach in six key steps:


We perform a comprehensive literature review of all relevant research and prior communications programs before assessing the current landscape.


We interview top issue experts and utilize social listening tools to gather key insights on the cultural conversation and audience sentiment across all relevant platforms.


We convene real-world focus groups and conduct one-on-one interviews with our target audience to build reliable ethnographies.


We use surveys to test initial hypotheses and messaging approaches and gather channel-specific insights from media planning tools.


We use agile learning tools, UI/UX testing and rapid testing to gain immediate feedback, ensuring our message is optimized for our target audience.


Our goal, always, is to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message that will empower people to create lasting change.

How We Measure Impact

Once the campaign has launched, our work has just begun. We focus on four key metrics to gauge what’s working and identify opportunities to increase awareness and engagement.


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