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Where creativity and cause converge

The Ad Council has created some of the most iconic campaigns in advertising history. Smokey Bear. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk. A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Love Has No Labels. We also have a long history of leading life-saving communications in times of national crisis, from World War II to September 11th, from Hurricane Katrina to COVID-19.
Smokey the Bear

Our History

Read all about the history of the Ad Council, which stretches back decades to our WWII-era founding.
Lasting Impact


The History of Our COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

Read all about how our unprecedented effort, involving more than 300 partners, unfolded in real time.


The Ad Council is the only organization that uses communications to solve social issues at scale. We’re committed to strengthening the health, education and safety of our country. Our proven model amplifies our partners’ reach and investment, exponentially maximizing our collective social-good impact. Here’s how we work on our adoption from foster care campaign.

How we decide what to work on

How do we create meaningful change? Our vetting process begins well before we take on a cause.


Check out the latest job opportunities at the Ad Council.

Our Advisors

Our Advisors

As vocal supporters of the Ad Council in their own businesses and communities, our Board of Directors and Leadership Council are crucial for the Ad Council's impact.
Our Partners

Our Partners

Creating change at scale is only possible due to our vast, one-of-a-kind network of partners across media and tech, marketing and advertising, entertainment, government, foundations, and the nonprofit world.
Our Team

Our Team

The Ad Council is a team of passionate people dedicated to driving social change. That starts with our leaders.


Together we can do so much. Let’s talk about how we can partner to help change the world.