• Shelter Pet Adoption

    The current phase of the campaign showcases the bond that exists between a person and his shelter pet, and encourages potential pet owners to adopt from shelters and rescue groups.

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  • Bullying Prevention

    In order to encourage and empower parents with the tools they need to talk to their child about being more than a bystander, The Ad Council has launched new work for its Bullying Prevention campaign. 

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  • Caregiver Assistance

    New Caregiver Assistance PSAs depict the many roles that caregivers play and conclude with the tagline, "Together we can better care for ourselves and the ones we love."

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  • Teacher Recruitment

    The TEACH campaign aims to recruit the next generation of teachers by redefining teaching as a top career choice for our nation’s most talented students.

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  • Adoption from Foster Care

    The new PSAs portray humorous scenarios that reaffirm the campaign's notion that being an imperfect parent is "perfectly normal." 

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  • Enrollment in Health Insurance

    The "Take Care, People" campaign uses pets as the unlikely spokespeople to raise awareness, educate, and motivate uninsured Americans to explore their options and enroll in health insurance for themselves and their families under the historic ACA.

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  • Autism Awareness

    Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disorder in the United States. Today, 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, a 33% increase in just the last two years.

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  • Wildfire Prevention

    2014 marks Smokey’s 70th birthday, and the campaign features new PSAs of outdoor lovers thanking Smokey for all that he’s done in his 70 years by returning his signature bear hug.

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  • High Blood Pressure

    By personifying the human heart as a caring friend under lots of pressure, these PSAs remind and encourage the almost 78 million Americans with high blood pressure to get their blood pressure to a healthy range before it’s too late.

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  • Safe Firearms Storage

    Approximately 1.4 million homes have firearms stored in a way that makes them accessible to the wrong hands–children, at-risk youth, potential thieves, and those who intend to harm themselves or others.

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Alberto del Rio

The Ad Council paired up with WWE for the Fatherhood Involvement campaign to create a new series of PSAs that encourage dads to recognize their critical role and give them the tools to help get more involved. Read about the new Fatherhood PSAs in The New York Times.

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Our Impact

Oral Health PSA

Since the launch of the Energy Efficiency campaign, we have seen significant shifts in some key attitudes and behaviors surrounding energy efficiency. Particularly among those who are aware of campaign messaging, people are taking more energy efficient steps in the home, and are saving money as a result. Check out the case study for more information. 

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