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Son caring for his father, putting hand on his shoulder, comforting and consoling him from behind.

Our Gun Violence Prevention Initiative 


The issue of gun violence has been caught in decades of political crossfire. But our research affirms that Americans believe gun safety education and conversations are the non-advocacy solutions needed to reduce gun violence. In reframing gun violence as an urgent public health crisis, we can sidestep the division and mobilize everyone to be part of the solution, including gun owners, non-gun owners, parents, young people, health care workers and more.  

The Ad Council has taken a collective approach to this complex landscape, offering on-ramps for different audiences and nuanced messages across a series of campaigns. Our work focuses on non-advocacy solutions that have a meaningful impact in reducing gun violence.  

48,000+ Lives

More than 48,000 lives were lost to gun violence in the U.S. in 2022.
Source: CDC

Leading cause of death ages 1-19

Gun injuries are the leading cause of death for children and teens ages 1-19 in the U.S. 
Source: KFF

Majority in agreement

A majority of Americans, regardless of political affiliation or gun-owning status, are in agreement about gun violence solutions.
Source: Ad Council Research Institute



We have discrete prevention and intervention efforts that are designed to achieve a greater impact together. These campaigns give people a path forward to make a difference with tangible, attainable actions.
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Gun Violence Awareness

Gun violence is now the leading cause of death among children and teens, surpassing car crashes for the first time in two decades. According to a recent study from the Ad Council Research Institute, 79% of adults in America find gun violence to be one of their top concerns. Yet, only 26% recognize gun injuries as the leading cause of death among children. This gap demonstrates the need for further education and presents a viable path forward to curb this trend. Our new creative campaign unites a chorus of trusted voices in the health care community to turn outrage into action.

Safe Gun Storage

For Gun Owners & Those Living in Gun-Owning Households
Sponsor: Brady: United Against Gun Violence

End Family Fire promotes responsible gun ownership through the practice of safe gun storage and introduces the term “family fire” – giving a name to the preventable tragedies that occur when someone has access to an unsecured gun from the home when they shouldn't have it.

Extreme Risk Laws Education

People Who Know a Gun Owner in Crisis
Sponsors: Brady: United Against Gun Violence

An Extreme Risk Law temporarily removes access to a gun for a person in crisis, giving them time to heal. While these tools can save lives, awareness is low. This campaign pilots a new approach to public education in Illinois, in partnership with Illinois Department of Public Health, and was developed to expand into every state with these laws.

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In The News

Illinois Launches New “Pause to Heal” Firearm Restraining Order Education Campaign

IDPH Joins Forces with Brady & the Ad Council to Promote Life-Saving Tool to Prevent Suicides and Other Shootings by People in Distress; First Phase of Expansive New Gun Safety Effort
April 2, 2024

Gun Violence Study: Gun Violence and it's Impact on America's Youth

Gun injuries are now the leading cause of death for children and teens ages 1-17. What actions do Americans think will effectively reduce gun violence?
June 4, 2024

The Ad Council, Coalition of Health Systems and Hospitals Tackle America’s Most Urgent Public Health Crisis: Gun Violence

Health care CEOs pledge $10 million toward nationwide public awareness and education campaign aimed at reducing firearm deaths, injuries and impact of gun violence on youth in America
February 27, 2024

We Can Make a Difference

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The Ad Council is leading an unprecedented communications effort to help change the narrative around gun violence and build the cultural foundation upon which broader progress can be made. Our work is powered by the investment of organizations who understand the power of creative communication to drive tangible, measurable impact at an unprecedented scale. Your partnership provides critical support as we work to change behaviors and ultimately save lives.