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Our Mental Health Initiative

There is a growing mental health crisis

Our country faces a pervasive mental health crisis among people of all ages. Even before the pandemic, rates of depression and anxiety were inching higher. But the grief, trauma, and physical isolation of the last two years have taken an even greater toll on our mental health.

And we are at a tipping point. The federal government and many other organizations across the U.S. have made mental health a priority and are addressing the numerous systemic challenges that exist, and now we must collectively change the way we, as a country, view mental health.

If you or someone you know needs help, refer to this list of additional resources or call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 for 24/7 free and confidential support.

4 in 10 Adults

Reported anxiety and/or depression symptoms in 2021, a fourfold increase from 2019.

Black and Latine communities report even higher at 48% and 46%, respectively.

56% Of Young Adults

Reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder during the pandemic.

95% Of Employees

Take time off due to mental health issues but cite another reason.

We're Supporting Mental Health

The Ad Council has launched a $65 million multiyear initiative to address the mental health crisis in the U.S.

The new effort will unite brands, marketers, media companies and nonprofits. The initiative encompasses current campaigns below and new efforts to meet the needs of multiple audiences.

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute has made a lead $15 million contribution to the initiative.



We are working to foster a society that is more open and proactive about mental health. By addressing the unique needs of distinct audiences, we can provide help and support at scale. Check out our current campaigns and efforts in development.

Adult Mental Health

For Adults ages 18-45
Sponsor: Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Nearly 70 million adults across the U.S. are likely to experience mental health challenges – while also holding attitudes and beliefs that may discourage them from seeking help. “Love, Your Mind” inspires people across the country to nurture their relationship with their minds the same way they care for their closest personal relationships.

Middle School Mental Health

For parents of 10-14 year olds
Sponsor: Pivotal Ventures

There is a mental health crisis among our country’s youth. Young adolescents are experiencing increased rates of mental health challenges and youth of color, in particular, face the additional trauma of systemic racism and greater challenges in accessing the support they need. Sound It Out helps parents and caregivers have meaningful conversations with their middle schoolers about emotional wellbeing.

Teen and Young Adult Mental Health

For 16-24 year olds
Sponsors: The Jed Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Seize the Awkward empowers young adults to help friends who are struggling with mental health issues (and who may be at risk for suicide) by encouraging them to consistently start and sustain conversations about mental health with their friends.

Veterans Crisis Prevention

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans are at higher risk for suicide compared to the general population. But there is hope—resources are available and suicide is preventable. The new national Veterans campaign, "Don’t Wait, Reach Out," encourages Veterans to reach out for help before their challenges become overwhelming or reach a crisis point.
Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stress of life and it impacts our ability to shape the world around us.
Ivan C.A. Walks, MD – CEO of Ivan Walks & Associates and Co-Host of The Black Health Trust

Workplace Mental Health

The Health Action Alliance empowers businesses to improve the health of employees and communities. Join more than 3,000 companies in accessing free guides, resources, tools, and events to address workplace mental health.

Toolkits For Communities

We are committed to partnering with community and faith-based organizations to extend their mental health efforts, organize events and help educate the communities they serve on this important topic.

We've developed a robust toolkit that will provide a broad range of information including facts sheets, messaging guidelines, and shareable downloads.

Our Expert Advisory Group

An esteemed panel of audience and issue experts offers strategic guidance during the development of the mental health initiative to ensure our work is sensitive, culturally relevant and rooted in clinical expertise.

Trusted Voices in Mental Health

Our Creators for Good program leverages the Ad Council’s established relationships in the media, marketing, advertising and technology industries to amplify trusted voices. Trusted Messengers for Mental Health initiatives include prominent celebrities, social influencers, subject matter experts, podcasters, businesses, athletes, musicians, hyperlocal/community influencers and more.

Check out a few of our mental health partnerships.

Video: The Miranda Family Discuss How Music Can Help Mental Health

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family know from experience how music can help us connect with our kids about their emotional well-being.
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USC Quarterback Caleb Williams Teams Up with National “Seize the Awkward” Campaign to Support Young Adults’ Mental Health

USC quarterback Caleb Williams and student-led production team launches a PSA encouraging students to check in with their peers about mental health.
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Video: Billie Eilish On Mental Health & Friendship

Billie Eilish opens up about her personal connection to mental health.
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How to Incorporate Your Audience as Storytellers

As communicators, forming an authentic connection with your intended audience is a total touchdown. So, if we want so badly for audiences to feel seen and heard, why not give them a direct line into the storytelling process?
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a headshot of a man smiling and a headshot of a women with red glasses smiling, on a seafoam green background.

Champions for Good: Raphael and Dawn Rigaud

Raphael and Dawn Rigaud are co-founders of Rigaud Global Company (RGC), an innovative and comprehensive marketing communications firm specializing in government, social good and public health work. Raphael currently serves as CEO and Dawn as the president of RGC—and they are building a powerful team of graphic designers and content strategists.
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Your New Playbook for Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

A lot has happened in the last three years. The COVID-19 pandemic, the rise in racist violence and hate incidents, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflation, instability, the rapidly changing job market—all of these issues have exacerbated a growing mental health crisis and also made many employees and potential hires rank mental health support and benefits highly on the list of what they value in their workplace.
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We Can Make A Difference

By bringing together the worlds of communications, media, business and public health, we have the opportunity to fundamentally shift the way our country thinks about mental health. We can make a lasting impact today and for generations to come.

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