In conjunction with our partner ad agencies and sponsoring organizations, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to guide the strategic and creative development of our campaigns. Campaign impact is evaluated via media exposure, consumer response, web site analytics, and national pre- and post tracking surveys that measure awareness, attitudinal and behavioral shifts among the target audience.

The Impact of Public Service Advertising

Highlighted results from selected Ad Council campaigns

Overview of Ad Council Research & Evaluation Procedures

The central focus of the Ad Council’s mission is to make a measurable difference in society. Program evaluation is a critical component of every Ad Council campaign. In order to assess a campaign’s impact, we conduct research that encompasses a dashboard of indicators. 

Advertising that changed a nation

Public Service Advertising that Changed a Nation

A report on the social impact of nine iconic Ad Council campaigns

Rules of the Road for Public Service Advertising

Empirical generalizations about the implementation of successful public service communications programs

Impact Highlights

Results from four of our campaigns

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