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New Campaign Encourages Hispanic Parents to Store Their Firearms Safely

Brady, Casanova//McCann, and the Ad Council partner for the first national Spanish language public education campaign on safe firearm storage, aimed at reaching Hispanic gun owners, which are among the fastest-growing demographic groups purchasing firearms.

NEW YORK, NY / June 26, 2024 – This Gun Violence Awareness Month, Brady: United Against Gun Violence, Casanova//McCann and the Ad Council have launched “Da El Siguiente Paso'' or “Take the Next Step,” the first-ever national public education campaign on safe firearm storage reaching Hispanic gun owners. The effort, which is the latest campaign by the award-winning End Family Fire program, responds to the fact that recent data shows that the number of Hispanic adults who own firearms has increased more than 33 percent since 2017.

By expanding the audience focus and adding educational materials in Spanish, this work can reach one of the fastest-growing populations of gun owners in the US, especially as Hispanic individuals account for 19 percent of the 7.5M new gun owners between 2019-2021. The latest available data shows that 20 percent of Hispanic people own a firearm, or approximately 10M. And with such a dramatic rise in ownership comes an increased need for public education on safe firearm storage. As part of the new campaign, a new Spanish-language website,, launched featuring in-language videos and resources.

Developed pro bono by Casanova//McCann, an integrated marketing agency specialized in reaching Hispanic audiences, this new campaign focuses on reaching both Spanish and English-speaking Hispanic parents who own firearms. The work builds on and further extends End Family Fire's existing efforts to encourage gun owners to take the next step to store all of their firearms more securely.


Currently, in the U.S, approximately 4.6 million children live in a home with access to unlocked and loaded guns. According to a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, despite 70 percent of parents believing their child could not access firearms within the home, over 30 percent of children from those households claimed to have the ability to access a firearm in less than five minutes.

Family fire refers to a shooting caused by someone having access to a gun from the home when they shouldn’t have it; this includes children as well as those who display behavior that indicates they could harm themselves or others when accessing a firearm. Access to unsecured guns in the home can lead to a broad range of gun violence — including unintentional shootings, intentional shootings, and firearm suicide — which can be prevented through safe gun storage.

“We are so proud to bring this campaign to life with Brady and the Ad Council to help our community. While the data shows the need, we were floored by the lack of information available for Hispanic gun owners,” said Ingrid Smart, president/CEO, Casanova//McCann. “As parents ourselves, it was very meaningful to have this opportunity and we are grateful to the End Family Fire team for trusting and supporting us. We hope this work reaches gun owners and will create lasting change.”

“When people make the decision to buy a firearm for the home, they’re often doing it with protection in mind, but protection does not immediately equal safety,” said Kris Brown, president of Brady: United Against Gun Violence. “Safe storage is essential to preventing a means of securing your home from causing an irreversible tragedy. With the number of Hispanic gun owners doubling in recent years, a national Spanish campaign is vital in eliminating barriers faced by Spanish speakers in accessing safe firearm storage education. We are grateful for this critical partnership with Casanova and the Ad Council that will ensure nearly 14 million Hispanic gun owners have the resources they need to take the next step and end family fire.”

“As a parent, you want your home to be the safest place for your children,” said Michelle Hillman, chief campaign development officer, the Ad Council. “We are thankful for our amazing partners at Brady and Casanova//McCann for their collaboration and commitment for reaching Hispanic audiences on such a critical issue. It is our hope that through this lifesaving work, gun owners across America will be inspired to take the next step in protecting their homes and communities by storing their guns securely.”

The new PSAs feature two Hispanic fathers who are real gun owners, not actors, sharing how they currently store their personal firearms. The parents are presented with heartfelt letters written by parents whose children were killed in gun-related tragedies, emphasizing the importance of safe gun storage and prompting the two fathers to reconsider their storage habits in real time. The spot ends by encouraging viewers to visit and for information about safe gun storage and resources to help prevent shooting injuries and deaths.

Since 2018, End Family Fire has been working to shift the way gun owners think about and store their firearms. Gun violence is an issue that impacts everyone and by including gun owners throughout research, development, and production, the program intentionally brings these voices in as a part of the solution to reduce preventable firearm deaths.  

To date, End Family Fire has garnered over $120 million in donated media and over 5.2 billion impressions and has had proven success at changing attitudes and behaviors around gun usage and safe storage: According to an Ad Council study, 42 percent of respondents with a child in the home who are aware of the End Family Fire campaign have reported seeking information on safe gun storage in the past 12 months, compared to 10 percent of those not aware. (Source: Ad Council online survey of 1,815 U.S. adults who reside in gun-owning households, fielded by Ipsos January 1, 2024 – March 31, 2024).

This new creative will run across broadcast TV, social, digital, online video, radio and print media nationwide donated by both Spanish and English media. TelevisaUnivision is providing additional support to ensure the new PSAs further reach intended audiences by donating TV, social and digital inventory. Additional forthcoming audio assets will be produced by SiriusXM Media’s Studio Resonate and supported by donated inventory. To learn more about End Family Fire and how to promote responsible gun ownership, visit or

About End Family Fire
End Family Fire, a joint effort from Brady and the Ad Council, encourages safe gun storage by putting a name to the preventable tragedies that occur when guns in the home are misused. “Family fire,” a term developed for the campaign, refers to a shooting caused by someone having access to a gun from the home when they shouldn’t have it. This includes children as well as those who display behavior that indicates they could harm themselves or others. The national public education program brings awareness to the issue of family fire, gives gun owners a role in preventing firearm death and injuries, and encourages a national dialogue around safe storage practices—all of which can help prevent tragedies of family fire.

End Family Fire (then known as the ASKing Saves Kids, or ASK, campaign) was rated the only effective national safe storage education effort by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) in an analysis that included programs from notable gun organizations across the country.

About Brady
In America, there are more guns than there are people. And that’s matched with a gun homicide rate that is 26 times greater than that of other high-income countries. Brady – the nation’s oldest gun violence prevention organization – works to enact reasonable solutions to free America from gun violence. We tackle three critical areas: change the laws, change the industry, and change the culture. This three-point strategy is unique in the movement and follows the roadmap behind other successful public health campaigns, like those around youth smoking, seatbelt use, and drunk driving. By changing hearts and minds and fostering a culture of responsible gun use and ownership, we can free America from gun violence. Join the movement at

About Casanova//McCann
Casanova//McCann is one of the leading Hispanic integrated communications agencies in the U.S. Founded in 1984, the company is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA and handles Hispanic advertising and integrated communications services for Clients like Nestlé, Chevrolet, Pernod Ricard, US Postal Service, U.S. Bank, among others. Casanova became a minority and female owned certified Agency in 2020 and continues to be an affiliate of McCann.

About The Ad Council
The Ad Council convenes creative storytellers to educate, unite and uplift audiences by opening hearts, inspiring action and accelerating change around the most pressing issues in America. Since the non-profit’s founding, the organization and its partners in advertising, media, marketing and tech have been behind some of the country’s most iconic social impact campaigns – Smokey Bear, A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Love Has No Labels, Tear the Paper Ceiling and many more. With a current focus on mental health, gun safety, the opioid epidemic, skill-based hiring and other critical issues, the Ad Council’s national campaigns encompass advertising and media content, ground game and community efforts, trusted messenger and influencer engagement, and employer programs, among other innovative strategies to move the needle on the most important issues of the day. To learn more or get involved, visit, join the Ad Council's communities on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X, and view campaign creative on YouTube.

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