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Amanda Anderson
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Champion for Good: Activision Blizzard's Amanda Anderson


Amanda Anderson, Sales Operations Manager at Activision Blizzard, has great advice for working professionals looking to make a difference. Check out what our newest Champion for Good had to say about making an impact!

Q: How have you worked with the Ad Council? What campaign(s) have you supported and what was the project you worked on with us?

Amanda Anderson: My experience with the Ad Council goes back many years to when I used to work for them! They’ve had a place in my heart ever since and I’ve always wanted to support them and the amazing causes for which they work. I was most recently fortunate enough to do so with the incredible and adorable “Dad Jokes” Fatherhood Involvement campaign.

Q: Social good ads pull at our heartstrings. What social good ad has made you cry or stand up and cheer?

AA: While I admire all the campaigns from the Ad Council, I have to say Love Has No Labels is the one that gets me every time. It doesn’t matter which PSA it is or how many times I’ve seen them, they always leave me misty eyed and feeling positive about the future of diversity and inclusion.

Q: Why do you think it’s important for brands to have a corporate social responsibility plan in the world we live in?

AA: Brands are influencers and as such it’s their responsibility to set an example of the importance of giving back and supporting initiatives to improve quality of life for all.

Q: What was the greatest piece of advice someone gave you, and how did it end up helping you?

AA: “You only get one year to be 6.” Which was my Dad’s way of saying not to wish my life away, to encourage me to live in the moment, and to make the most of every day. It’s helped me to remember not to let one bad day get in the way of appreciating and living the rest to my full potential. I have 365 days to be six (or thirty) and I’m going to use each and every one of them to grow and learn and make an impact.

You have 365 days in a year, use every single one to learn and make an impact.
Amanda Anderson

Q: What age would you want to meet up with your former self, and what advice would you give to that younger you?

AA: If I could meet my high school self I would tell her all the things she’s stressing over won’t matter in a few years, and to believe in herself.

Q: How has your organization improved or innovated the digital landscape in the last year?

AA: Perhaps the most significant contribution Activision Blizzard Media has had to the industry is creating ad products which respect the time and attention of our users. Our rewarded view video ads ensure that our players know exactly what they are in for, and that their time with brands is rewarded. In a world where digital advertising has increasingly breached trust among users, we believe that transparency and respect for consumers is more important than ever.

Q: What can we look forward to from your organization this year?

AA: Activision Blizzard Media is committed to designing the best possible ad experiences for our players which provide outsized results for brands. To this end, we’re continuing to refine and re-refine our premier ad products such that both the player and brands can have an amazing experience within our games. Through the rest of the year we really want to be out in market talking to brands about positioning their messages in the worlds we’re building within our games. We truly believe 2018 is the year for brands to get serious about their gaming strategy, and we want to partner with them to do so.

Q: You’re planning a “Change the World” dinner party and you can invite anyone (living, dead or fictional). Who are three people on your list?

AA: Atticus Finch, Amal Clooney and Ellen DeGeneres

Q: Tell us what you hope to see more of or experience more of in the next year, using only emojis.

AA:   ✈️🧘❤️️


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