Saving for Retirement

America is facing a looming retirement savings crisis, and future generations will have a lower standard of living due to financial insecurity.

People 50 and older are the fastest growing age segment in America, and they can expect to pay for a longer retirement. Yet nearly seven in 10 Americans approaching retirement having less than a year’s income saved.

Since 2017, we have empowered adults 45 to 60 to prepare for their retirement. The campaign directs viewers to a three-minute online chat with Avo, a friendly digital retirement coach. After completing the chat, viewers receive a personalized retirement savings action plan with free tips to help them take charge of their financial futures today.

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JOY Collective, Wordsworth & Booth, FCB NY, Tongal, HYFN
Key Audiences

African-American/Black Women

57% of African-American/Black households have no retirement savings, and African-American/Black women in particular are facing a retirement crisis. Wage gaps due to racial and gender disparities have lowered income earning potential, and a lack of financial- and investment-related education has resulted in uncertainty about how to prepare for retirement.


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