COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

The IntroText

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are leading a massive communications effort to educate the American public and build confidence around the COVID-19 vaccines.

Guided by the leading minds in science and medicine and fueled by the best talent in the private sector, the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative is designed to reach different audiences, including communities of color who have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Under the umbrella of the “It’s Up to You” campaign, we will ensure that Americans have accurate and timely information to answer their questions and concerns about vaccine side effects, efficacy, and clinical trials. Our goal is to shift the public mindset from vaccine concern to vaccine confidence.

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The Opportunity

Extensive research shows pervasive reluctance around the COVID-19 vaccines among the American public—with many Americans reporting they will not get the vaccine or have significant questions.

Overall, 40% of the general public falls into a movable middle – people who are hesitant to get a vaccine but are open to learning more. They want to know the vaccines are safe—and that the benefits outweigh the risk.

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By bringing together the worlds of communications, media, business, and public health, we can transform life as we know it today and save hundreds of thousands of lives. It’s a big tent and there’s a critical role for everyone to play.

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Learn With Us
By Lonny Pugh
On February 25th, the day the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative announced the platform for our vaccine education initiative, “It’s Up to You,” Stephen Colbert joked on The Late Show, “Okay, that’s a nice sentiment, but ‘it’s up to you’ is why we have this problem—we need everyone to get vaccinated.” He went on to suggest some absurd alternate slogans.
May 24, 2021
By Anastasia Goodstein
Back in the fall, when the Ad Council started talking about the role we could play in educating the American public and building confidence around the COVID-19 vaccines , we knew our call to action would be to direct people toward the facts. But we weren’t sure if we would need to build a standalone website or if we would simply refer people to a trusted source like the CDC.
By Lonny Pugh
Moments before Elvis Presley sang “Hound Dog” on The Ed Sullivan Show on October 28, 1956, he made a different kind of history backstage, where he got his polio vaccine in front of reporters. He had been recruited for this PR effort for a simple, brilliant reason—children were getting the vaccine, but teenagers and young adults weren’t. Who would they listen to? Well, they were listening to Elvis.
February 18, 2021