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Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures Caring for yourself is key to a happy, healthy life. This Mother’s Day, air messages that share steps and tools to help your community prepare for retirement and provide resources for caregivers to care for their loved ones and themselves.

Caregiver Assistance
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What It Addresses: PSAs spotlight AARP’s Family Caregiving site and encourage caregivers nationwide to access free Care Guides, self-care tips, planning resources, legal and financial guidance, and more.
Why It's Important: Nearly 7 million Latinos in the U.S. provide unpaid care to an aging or older loved one.
When To Air It: Air this surrounding Father's Day, June 16th.

Saving for Retirement
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What It Addresses: Motivate people in their late 40s and their 50s to better prepare for their long-term financial security so they can lead independent and comfortable lives as they age.
Why It's Important: Approximately 41% of households headed by people ages 55–64, or 9.3 million households, have no retirement savings.
When To Air It: Air this for June's National Homeownership Month.