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AARP And The Ad Council Launch "Tribute To Our Sheroes" Retirement Savings Campaign To Give Black Women Free Personalized Retirement Savings Tips


NEW YORK, NY, October 24, 2019 – AARP and the Ad Council have teamed up to launch the “Tribute to Our Sheroes” retirement savings campaign to help Black women boost their retirement savings. Launching October 24th, “A Tribute to Our Sheroes” is designed for Black women seeking to get more out of their existing retirement plans, or to begin one. This work is an extension of AARP and the Ad Council’s “Saving for Retirement” campaign, which launched in 2017, with the goal of ensuring diverse audiences feel confident and prepared as they reach retirement age. This campaign creative will promote AARP and the Ad Council’s free, three-minute online chat experience and customized tips and resources available at This will help equip Black women with specific, personalized strategies to enhance their retirement savings.

The U.S. at large is facing a growing retirement savings crisis, but Black women are disproportionately affected. Many factors, including wage disparity, play a role in the lack of savings Black women are able to accumulate throughout their careers. According to, Black women typically have to work an additional seven to eight months to earn what their white male peers make in one year. In addition, the daily financial pressures of caring for their family and loved ones often cause them to deprioritize their own needs in favor of nurturing and uplifting others. All this can leave them less prepared for what’s to come in their retirement years.

“We believe in supporting Black women as they plan for the next phase of their lives,” states Edna Kane-Williams,

Senior Vice President, Multicultural Leadership, AARP. “They are so often taking care of others and deserve to have access to all the necessary tools needed to live comfortably in retirement.”

As the foundations of their families and pillars of their communities, Black women are real life sheroes who have undoubtedly earned their right to a happy and comfortable transition into retirement. This “Tribute to Our Sheroes” campaign, designed and promoted by JOY Collective, encourages her to care for herself like she’s cared for everyone else and provides the information necessary to help her boost her retirement savings.

“Black women are invaluable to their families and their communities,” said Michelle Hillman, Chief Campaign Development Officer at the Ad Council. “We’re excited to uplift and equip Black women with free, customized tips and resources specifically tailored to them and their needs.”

Beyond providing free, personalized retirement savings tips, this campaign has been created and executed in large part by Black women.

“It was important for this message to be crafted by Black women who have personal connection with the issue,” shared Shani W. Hosten, VP, Multicultural Leadership, African American/Black Audience Strategy, AARP. “Collectively, we’re empowering Black women to create a better future in retirement.”

For more information on the “Tribute to our Sheroes”retirement savings campaign and for free, personalized tips to help you boost your retirement savings, visit

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