Whether our education PSAs are helping one of the 34 million adults without a high school diploma learn about high school equivalency options, encouraging girls to get excited about STEM, or guiding those who lost jobs in the pandemic toward certification programs that could help them find a new career path, we believe it’s never too late to educate.
While women make up half of the U.S. college-educated workforce, they hold only a little over a fourth of all STEM jobs. Research shows that young girls like STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering and math—but often feel that STEM isn’t for them due to outdated stereotypes. Girls are scared to fail in STEM, but She Can STEM shows girls that STEM is in everything, and experimenting is part of the journey.

She Can STEM inspires middle school girls to stay interested in STEM by showcasing how messy, experimental and hands-on STEM can be, and how daring to STEM can change the world.
America is facing a looming retirement savings crisis, and future generations will have a lower standard of living due to financial insecurity.

People 50 and older are the fastest growing age segment in America, and they can expect to pay for a longer retirement. Yet nearly seven in 10 Americans approaching retirement having less than a year’s income saved.

Since 2017, we have empowered adults 45 to 60 to prepare for their retirement. The campaign directs viewers to a three-minute online chat with Avo, a friendly digital retirement coach. After completing the chat, viewers receive a personalized retirement savings action plan with free tips to help them take charge of their financial futures today.
For more than 34 million American adults without a high school diploma, opportunities are limited. Many are living in poverty. But it’s not too late.

Since 2010, has connected more than one million people with free adult education classes to help them earn their high school equivalency, so they can connect to a better tomorrow.