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Preventing Tragedies

Preventing Tragedies Unsecured guns and opioid misuse can each have tragic consequences. By educating your community about both the importance of safe gun storage and the real effects of opioid addiction, we can prevent tragedies.

Gun Safety

What It Addresses: Share PSAs that inspire gun owners to make their homes safer when it comes to the storage and handling of their guns.
Why It's Important: Every day, eight kids are unintentionally injured or killed by a gun that’s been left unlocked and loaded.
When To Air It: Share this for June's National Safety Month.

The Truth About Opioids

What It Addresses: Share these PSAs with your audience to help end the opioid crisis.
Why It's Important: More than 80% of heroin users started with a prescription opioid. More than 115 people in America die every day from opioids, but opioid addiction doesn’t have to be fatal.
When To Air It: Air this for May's National Prevention Week, 12th–18th.