Issue Pulse

In this age of ever-available, often distressing and polarizing information, what do Americans truly care about—and how does that change as new issues make headlines?


The Ad Council Research Institute (ACRI), the newly launched research arm of the Ad Council, wants to better understand how today’s news-filled environment affects Americans: The issues they care about, their values, their attitudes and behaviors relating to these issues, their views on America and American life—and if or how they change over time.

With the pace of news cycles and ever-available (and often polarizing) stories and information today, ACRI, together with decision intelligence company Morning Consult, will field and report on this information on a quarterly, ongoing basis, identifying trends seen among the general population as well as through key demographic and psychographic segments such as generation, race, political ideology, and more.

The issues Americans care about don’t fit into neat, separate boxes—we don’t experience news in a vacuum, and our knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors toward various issues are interconnected. Thus, each edition of this quarterly report will also take a deeper look at the key issues affecting Americans, and how various issues have a “ripple” effect on these perspectives.

Our second study, fielded in September 2022, dives into the issues Americans care about, plus takes a deeper look at insights specific to voting and elections.


Discover which topics matter most right now.

Previous Report - Spring 2022

Our inaugural Pulse study, fielded in May 2022, dives into the issues Americans care about, plus takes a deeper look at Americans’ views on race.