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holiday ads 2019
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6 Heartwarming Ads to Spread Holiday Cheer

holiday ads 2019

For the holidays this year, brands are inviting us to buy into the spirit of the season with ads promoting kindness, friendship and joy. These heartfelt messages offer a refreshing reminder of the power of emotional storytelling to connect us with what matters most. To celebrate purposeful promotions, we’ve put together a few of our favorite festive ads spreading holiday cheer this year.

Gap’s “The Hoodie”

Gift the Thought (:60s) | The Hoodie

Grab some tissues, or maybe the sleeve of your hoodie, because this GAP ad is full of heart. This tale celebrates the special bond between mother and son (and his sweatshirt) – exploring how a favorite piece of clothing can be a keeper of memories, emotions and stories. Join this duo on their journey from childhood through teenage angst to adulthood, where a special gift reminds them of all they’ve been through together.

Macy’s “Santa Girl”

Santa Girl | Macy’s TV Commercial for Christmas 2019

When one little girl sets her mind on becoming Santa Claus, she stops at nothing to bring the holiday spirit to life. Though teased at school, she perseveres with help from her parents, and she even shares a little joy with those that stood in her way. An incredible example of a young girl overcoming negativity to make her dreams a reality, this ad has us feeling inspired to uplift girls everywhere, including on the North Pole.

Apple’s “The Surprise”

One of this year’s most emotional ads comes from Apple. This powerful story sees a grieving family trying to survive their first holiday season without a crucial member. When the bickering young sisters find shared ground on their iPad, their youthful creativity leads to the perfect Christmas surprise. Bringing them all together, a retrospective of their grandmother’s life offers relief and joy. Prepare to shed a tear at this thoughtful ad which reminds us that the best gift of all is family.

Amazon’s "Holiday"

Amazon Holiday 2019 - Brand :90

The singing brown boxes are back for another holiday season. This year’s ad from Amazon is focused on what unites us all during the holiday season–love. Featuring a wide range of relationships, backgrounds and traditions, it’s a great example of diversity and inclusion in advertising. Take a look and sing along to this joyful celebration of human connection.

John Lewis’ “Excitable Edgar”

Spark your holiday enthusiasm with this sweet story from the United Kingdom’s John Lewis. Focused on the magic of friendship, this is a tale of a little girl and her excitable friend, Edgar, who can’t help but spread his fiery enthusiasm for the holiday season, literally. Lighting up our hearts, this ad reminds us that kindness, friendship and a thoughtful gesture can make all the difference.

Bouygues Telecom's “Father Christmas”

Bouygues Telecom 2019 Christmas Ad

In this ad from French telecommunications company Bouygues, a little girl gets Santa Claus’ personal phone number and wastes no time getting to know Father Christmas. Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone, her father works overtime to keep her spirit alive. This sweet story celebrating the bond between father and daughter is sure to leave you feeling jolly and bright.

While capturing the attention of shoppers during the holiday season can be difficult, sharing a heartfelt story is the best way to go, because the perfect ad, like the perfect gift, is one that celebrates joy, kindness and inclusion.


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