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Updated COVID-19 Boosters: What Employers Need to Know

For the first time since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, people in the United States are now able to get an updated booster shot specially formulated to strengthen immunity against the original coronavirus strain and also protect against the newer Omicron variants that account for most of the current cases. As new variants of the virus emerge, updated boosters are intended to provide optimal protection against COVID-19 and address waning vaccine effectiveness over time.

The new booster comes just in time for a possible fall or winter surge — and gives employers a new tool to help improve the health and safety of their people and workplace.

Here are five things every employer should consider to strengthen the uptake of the new COVID-19 boosters.

Share facts about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 boosters. Use our key messages to craft your employee communications.

Provide paid time off for employees to get their boosters and recover from any possible side effects. Consider offering paid time off to working parents to take their eligible children for booster appointments too.

Encourage employees to use to find local booster distribution sites and to schedule appointments. Many of the major retail pharmacy chains – including Walgreens and CVS – also offer online appointment scheduling for boosters, and multiple states — including Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado — have websites to help you find other clinics with new boosters in stock.

Engage your employee resource groups (ERGs) to share the latest information about boosters, answer their questions and address any unique access challenges their members may face. Remember, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your workers to get questions answered and access boosters.

Reach out to your local public health department to learn more about hosting a booster clinic at your worksite. This makes it easiest for your employees and their families to access the new COVID-19 boosters.

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