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Where You’ll Find Us at Advertising Week

On October 18, Advertising Week returns with a robust lineup of both in-person and virtual events. The Ad Council will proudly host four panels at this year’s session, where we’ll explore everything from information hygiene to the climate crisis, uniting for a cause, and the power of music. Read on for all the details about where you’ll find us.

Information Hygiene: Combating Mis- And Dis-Information Online
Moderator: Kerry Perse, talent lead on the Ad Council’s COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative
Date and time: October 18, 2:30pm EDT
Location: In person at the Innovation Factory Stage presented by Audacy
There’s no denying that today’s media marketplace is a hotbed for conspiracy theories, false narratives and disinformation. When facts seem malleable and individual headlines dominate in different locales, getting verified information out quickly becomes increasingly difficult. And in a time of crisis, that information can be critical and the difference between life and death. The COVID pandemic taught us a lot about how business, government, NGOs and others can identify misinformation, optimize their communications and mitigate harm on an ongoing basis.

Climate Crisis 2021: Necessary Narrative Shifts
Moderator: Heidi Arthur, chief campaign development officer at the Ad Council
Date and time: October 20, 4pm EDT
Location: In person at the Marketplace Stage presented by Walmart Connect
This summer, Americans across the country have been impacted by extreme weather including wildfires, droughts, heat and hurricanes that have increased in severity due to climate change. Meanwhile, the United Nations released a new report citing the most dire warnings for our planet yet. According to new and unreleased data conducted this August by the Potential Energy Coalition, more than 60% of Americans are concerned about climate change, but only 14% talk about the issue often, leading us to ask the crucial question: what will it actually take to start a conversation on climate change?

Cause Over Competition
Moderator: Anthony Signorelli, SVP of brand partnerships at the Ad Council
Date and time: October 21, 1pm EDT
Location: In person at the Innovation Factory Stage presented by Audacy
In moments of crisis, motivating action becomes so much more important that marketplace share. How can today’s biggest brands successfully unite together for a common cause? Come learn the success stories—and the bumps in the road—that help facilitate coalition building in today’s competitive landscape.

Building Movements with Music
Moderator: Michelle Hillman, chief campaign development officer at the Ad Council
Date and time: October 21, 4pm EDT
Location: Virtual at the Innovation Factory Stage presented by Audacy How is music being utilized to make an impact on some of the most pressing issues of today? Come learn about how the music industry, artists, and agencies are taking unique approaches to harnessing harmony for social good on causes like middle school mental health, immigration and belonging and driving confidence in the COVID vaccine.

And watch out for two more panels of note—our very own Liz DeAngelis, VP of growth and managed platforms, will participate in Better Data, Better Decisions: Rethinking Campaign Measurement on October 19 at 2:30pm EDT, and Elise James-DeCruise, our chief equity officer, will join Anthemic Brands: Navigating a New Frontier of Corporate Responsibility on October 20 at 11:30am EDT.

We’ll see you at Advertising Week!

Photo: Advertising Week