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Our Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

The Ad Council’s mission is to convene the best storytellers to educate, unite and uplift—by opening hearts, inspiring action and accelerating change. We won’t stop until we live in a society where every single person can thrive.

Our Mental Health Initiative

The Ad Council is working to foster a society that is more open and proactive about mental health. The initiative aims to generate awareness and take actionable steps toward addressing the mental health crisis in the U.S.

DEIB Annual Report

We believe that being transparent about our DEIB journey can help normalize conversation about diversity as all of us work together to dismantle structural racism in all forms. In that spirit, we’re proud to share our first-annual DEIB report.

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Where substance meets scale

The Ad Council was founded as a national nonprofit in 1942 with the belief that creative marketing can solve complex social issues. We partner with the most innovative advertisers, the best storytellers, and the most powerful platforms to move the country forward.
Disaster Relief

A lasting impact

We have a singular purpose: making a measurable difference in people’s lives. By using a research-based strategy to develop the right approach for the right audience, we’re shifting mindsets and spurring movements.


Read all about the history of the Ad Council, which stretches back decades to our WWII-era founding.

We're all in this together

We bring together the right team for every cause. The Ad Council’s unique network of partners across media and tech, marketing, entertainment and advertising, government and the nonprofit world allows us to create change that no other organization can.

Learn With Us

tear down the paper ceiling

How You Can Tear Down the "Paper Ceiling" and Uncover New Talent

By Lisa Sherman
STARs are all around us, the more than 70 million workers in the U.S. who are “skilled through alternative routes” (STARs), rather than via college degrees, and they make up 50% of the U.S. workforce.
January 25, 2023

A Deep Dive Into Our New Mental Health Initiative

By Ana Rico Granados
According to a recent Ad Council study, 49% of Americans 16 to 65 years old say they have a mental health condition, and of that group, only 48% are getting help or treatment. As the importance of prioritizing mental health for all increases, so does the need for leaders in the industry to use the power of communications to provide communities with the tools they need.
November 18, 2022
social awareness

Four Ways to Use Influencers to Move People from Awareness to Action

By Colleen Thompson-Kuhn
Who do Americans turn to as messengers of real, unbiased, trustworthy information around today’s most pressing social issues—particularly in a time when concerns around misinformation and fake news are at an all-time high?
December 12, 2022


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