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Our planet is changing, and our environmental PSAs address the issue several ways. We believe it’s important to encourage people to spend more time in nature, which is proven to increase health and creativity. Recycling continues to be an urgent, critical way to minimize our consumption of nonrenewable resources. And, of course, there’s Smokey Bear, the face of the longest-running public service campaign in history—do you remember how old you were when he told you that only you can prevent forest fires?

Wildfire Prevention

For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has protected our forests and promoted wildfire prevention. His powerful message, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” is at the heart of America’s longest-running PSA campaign.

Smokey’s message remains relevant today, as nearly nine out of ten wildfires nationwide are caused by humans and can be prevented. Additionally, during these unprecedented times, spending time outdoors has never felt more valuable. Whether we’re passing the time in public lands or in our own backyards, we all have a role to play in keeping our safe places safe by acting responsibly and doing our part to help prevent wildfires.

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