Studies show that when kids spend time outdoors, they become healthier, have lower stress levels and develop stronger immune systems. They also become more creative, and have greater respect for themselves, other people, and the environment.

Our campaign encourages parents and caregivers to reconnect with their family and nature by experiencing it firsthand. Immersive and restorative experiences are available in urban parks, green spaces, and preserves. Through exploration of local forests and parks, kids can build a lifelong connection to nature.

The campaign connects families to green spaces in their neighborhood by entering their zip code at at DiscoverTheForest.org or DescubreElBosque.org.
When we recycle, we create something new. Shampoo bottles transform into
hairbrushes. Body wash bottles become toothbrushes. Toilet paper rolls turn into tissue boxes.

Our campaign inspires Americans to create new things by recycling common kitchen plastics — showing what we can create when we all work together to turn trash into treasure.
For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has protected our forests and promoted wildfire prevention. His powerful message, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” is at the heart of America’s longest- running PSA campaign.

Smokey Bear reminds everyone who spends time outdoors that preventing a human-caused wildfire is their personal responsibility. While great strides have been made in preventing human-caused wildfires, he still needs help. So t o ensure Smokey’s important message is heard throughout the country, celebrities from Sam Elliott to Stephen Colbert have lent their voices .

Our campaign directs people to www.SmokeyBear.com for wildfire prevention tips.

To learn more about Smokey Bear and the longest-running PSA campaign in history, please visit Story of Smokey.