Our planet is changing, and our environmental PSAs address the issue several ways. We believe it’s important to encourage people to spend more time in nature, which is proven to increase health and creativity. Recycling continues to be an urgent, critical way to minimize our consumption of nonrenewable resources. And, of course, there’s Smokey Bear, the face of the longest-running public service campaign in history—do you remember how old you were when he told you that only you can prevent forest fires?
99% of climate scientists agree: climate change is here, it’s man-made and we’re running out of time to tackle it. Yet, people still feel disconnected from the issue. Parents are especially concerned because their children will be the most impacted by climate change’s consequences, but they don’t feel confident talking about the issue and they don’t understand how to help.

Science Moms is a group of nonpartisan climate scientists and mothers who have dedicated their lives to solving the problem and are now reaching out to other parents for reinforcement. Their emotional campaign aims to connect with mothers of all political persuasions about what’s at stake for their children and how together, mothers can be the force that finally ushers in an era of solutions.
Since 2009, the Ad Council and USDA Forest Service’s Discover the Forest campaign has encouraged parents and caregivers to take their families out to the forest to experience and reconnect with nature. Our latest creative work highlights the power of authentic storytelling to showcase the forest as a place where families can deepen their connection with each other and with the outdoors, while making the forest part of their story.

Stories come to life at local parks and forests. They're places full of wonder, where imagination thrives, stories come to life, and memories are made. Our campaign encourages Latino and Black parents and caregivers to make the forest part of their family’s story by experiencing nature firsthand.
For more than 75 years, Smokey Bear has protected our forests and promoted wildfire prevention. His powerful message, “Only you can prevent wildfires,” is at the heart of America’s longest-running PSA campaign.

Smokey’s message remains relevant today, as nearly nine out of ten wildfires nationwide are caused by humans and can be prevented. Additionally, during these unprecedented times, spending time outdoors has never felt more valuable. Whether we’re passing the time in public lands or in our own backyards, we all have a role to play in keeping our safe places safe by acting responsibly and doing our part to help prevent wildfires.

For tips on safe recreation, visit BeOutdoorSafe.org and for more information on wildfire prevention, visit SmokeyBear.com.