Emergency Preparedness - NYC

Emergency Preparedness - NYC

Twenty-eight percent of New York residents have said they do not have any form of household emergency plan, and 64% do not have all of the recommended emergency supplies. On top of that, only 37% said they have a plan for how to find family members and reunite in the event of an emergency.

Launched in 2009, “Ready New York” is the New York City Emergency Management Department’s public education campaign for emergency preparedness—it’s designed to encourage the city’s 8.5 million residents to prepare for both natural and man-made emergencies and increase awareness of NYCEM’s suite of resources.

The latest bilingual campaign highlights the need for families to communicate w hen it counts, encouraging them to start making emergency plans by visiting NYC.gov/ReadyNY or calling 311 .

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New York City Emergency Management (NYC Emergency Management)
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