Racial Justice Series

Racism and oppression have historically impacted and continue to profoundly affect Black and Brown communities and the nation at large. The pandemic has drawn further light to racial inequities, including a rise in anti-Asian hate. The Ad Council is committed to using our platform to support other external organizations dedicated to dismantling systemic racism and injustice.

In this series, we’re spotlighting content created by these organizations that will help spark more dialogue and action around racial justice. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more about these organizations and the great work that they’re doing.

Courageous Conversation Global Foundation’s Not a Gun Campaign

Black people are 3X more likely than white people to be killed by the police. The award-winning Not a Gun campaign from Courageous Conversation Global Foundation aims to address the systemic issue of police brutality against people of color by highlighting unconscious racial bias.

The Asian American Foundation’s See Us Unite Campaign

See Us Unite is a cultural campaign designed to accelerate impact and expand support for the AAPI community through solidarity and education. From the sciences to the arts, from sports to public service, these spots highlight how Asian Americans have had a long history of making meaningful contributions to American society.

IPG Dxtra’s Dear White Parents Campaign

For generations, Black and Brown parents have discussed racism with their children to prepare them to deal with the racism they are likely to face. Conversely, a recent survey indicates that many White parents haven’t spoken with their children about race and racism. People’s views of race are influenced by their parents, resulting in inter-generational impact. To help raise an anti-racist generation, Dear White Parents is a new public awareness campaign from IPG Dxtra that encourages more white parents to talk to their children about racism early and often.

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