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Project Roadblock FAQ


What is Project Roadblock?
Project Roadblock is a multiplatform drunk driving prevention campaign sponsored by TVB, NHTSA, and the Ad Council and exclusive to local broadcast television stations. Project Roadblock's flight runs during one of the deadliest times of year to be on the road: the holiday week of December 26th through New Year's Eve.

Are Project Roadblock assets available for cable networks?
Project Roadblock is limited to local broadcast TV. However, non-TVB sponsored Buzzed Driving Prevention PSAs are available for air at any time and can be previewed and downloaded here .

Where can I download spots to air for Project Roadblock?
Project Roadblock PSAs are available for download on Ad or Extreme Reach .

For Extreme Reach, select "Get Project Roadblock PSAs" and download! To determine if your station is currently an Extreme Reach affiliate, please contact or your traffic manager.

Where can I find Project Roadblock AD-IDs?
You can find both Extreme Reach and Ad Council AD-IDs here .

What are traffic instructions for this?
Air December 26-31, one of the deadliest times of year to be on the road.

1. Air during flight dates, ideally between 12pm (noon) - 12am (midnight), targeting men 21-34.

2. Fill the 10pm New Year's Eve slot with a Project Roadblock PSA.


Can I sponsor Project Roadblock creative?
Yes, there are TV and Digital Banner PSAs available for sponsorship. Please complete our sponsorship form by December 21st for television requests and December 14th for banner requests. Please see below for full submission timeline.

Sponsored TV Spot Form Submission Deadline

  • December 21st

Sponsored Banner Form Submission Deadlines

  • October 14th (fulfilled by 10/31)
  • November 15th (fulfilled by 11/30)
  • December 7th (fulfilled by 12/16)
  • December 14th (fulfilled by 12/23)

Each Project Roadblock sponsorship opportunity must be considered and approved on an individual, case by case basis to ensure that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is comfortable with the proposed sponsor's product. If approved, the requested files will be provided.


The Project Roadblock PSAs are not downloading properly. What should I do?
You will not be able to download "Sponsorable" creative because you must submit the sponsorship form . However, if you are having issues downloading any of the other PSAs, please contact for assistance.